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Residential Design Services

Providing you with every residential design service required to bring your dream home to life.

Custom House


New houses of all sizes and styles.



Interior and exterior renovation and updating.



Floor plan redesign, structural alterations, etc.


Site Reviews

 General Review, and construction assistance.


Applications for

Minor Variances

Committee of Adjustment, consent, subdivisions, and severance applications.




Design project management during the construction phase.

Deck Design

Renovations, or additions of various dimensions.

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At Kenny Labs Designs, the residential design process revolves around you. The beautiful architectural design of the outer shell and its intricate inner workings directly interact with and affect you. So, we pay close attention to every design detail, inside and out.


We believe a home is the embodiment of your lifestyle, values, needs and personality your second skin, if you will. It provides protection, support, comfort and expression. Therefore, we design with functionality and beauty at the forefront of our minds. How can we optimize circulation, spacial flow and organization to benefit you? Can your home provide a sense of ease to the tasks you perform daily? Can we curate an atmosphere that benefits each space with the use of lights, colours, forms and materials?


These are just a few of our considerations when it comes to residential design. 

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Custom Home Design

Designing a custom home can be daunting without the proper knowledge. We at Kenny Labs Designs are here to make the residential design process seamless and enjoyable. In addition to our residential design services, we partner with the right people in the industry to make everything happen. From designing the exterior form and deciding on materials to dealing with the interior intricacies of hardware and finishes, our designers are here with you from start to finish.


Our architects listen to your vision, bring it to form, and get the city's approvalWe offer renders and walkthroughs if you want to see it before it's even builtWe'll work with you from the design process to the construction of your new home and everything in between. 

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House Additions

Are you looking into expanding your existing home with an additional floor, adding an extra room or increasing the footprint of the house? This is precisely the residential design service we provide.

Our BCIN designers at Kenny Labs Designs will deal with all the legality concerning the Ontario Building Code to confirm what's allowed on your lot and alternative options that could work just as well.

Additionally, if you would like to profit off your house addition and rent it out, we design second units and tiny homes!

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Interior Alterations

If your home feels slightly outdated, interior alterations are a feasible and affordable home design service we offer. 

Open up a congested floor plan to transform it into a modern open living space. Renovate your kitchen to something more spacious and functional. Enlarge a small bathroom into a more oversized bathroom or an ensuite. Add in another bedroom or completely change the floor plan of your home altogether to what works best for you. These are just a few options you can take when it comes to interior alterations. Our architects and BCIN designers will take care of the residential design process, building permits, and construction!

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Planning Applications for Minor Variances

Sometimes the residential design possibilities in your city can be limited, but not impossible. Is there something you want to do, whether it's to your existing home or a brand new one, but the current Ontario Building Code doesn't permit it? It can sound like much work. Where do you start? How do you apply? Whom do you consult? Our BCIN designers at Kenny Labs Designs can undergo the application process for a minor variance on your behalf and also help you design the change you want!

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You can also check out some of Our Work.


Construction Phase Administration

The final phase of the residential design process is the construction phase. Finding the right people for the job and verifying their business for the quality of work you're looking for can be tedious. At Kenny Labs Designs, we partner with reliable and outstanding contractors and sub-contractors in the industry so you can find everyone you need in one place.

Our team consists of excellent engineers, plumbers, construction workers, contractors, brick workers, carpenters, electricians, etc. Then, of course, you have us, your architects and BCIN designers, for all your residential design needs. 
We have everyone you need to bring your dream home to life!

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You can also check out some of Our Work.

Site Reviews

Applying for permits requires professional site reviews - structural elements, the current state of the building, design, etc. It all depends on what you want to do, and the type of permit required will reflect accordingly.

Our BCIN designers undergo the permit process for you and provide the necessary site reviews through our outstanding partners. 

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You can also check out some of Our Work.


Deck Design

At Kenny Labs Designs, another residential design service we offer is deck design - this includes all sizes, heights and dimensions. Our BCIN designers also undergo the permit process for approval and the construction process.

A deck is an excellent addition to your home, especially during the warmer seasons! A place to spend time with the family in an outdoor setting, host barbeques, or enjoy the outdoors with ease of access.

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You can also check out some of Our Work.

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