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We maximize spaces and actualize your visionary home!

Kenny Labs Designs
Architectural BCIN

Kenny Labs Designs is an Architectural and Graphic Design company driven by our profound love and passion for design, creation, and beauty in all forms. A team of BCIN designers and engineers, we tackle design in more than one dimension - 2D and 3D! Our major focus is residential architecture. There's just something about the comfort of your own space, the freedom to make it your own - an extension of yourself.

Maximizing spaces to get the most out of them functionally with stylistic intention is our forte. Living in Toronto, we've mastered utilizing small spaces efficiently, so you can count on us to bring any space to life! We pride ourselves in our ability to effortlessly translate any client's vision/ideas into built forms through collaboration. 
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We're not just Architectural BCIN designers...


To put it simply, we believe the role visuals play in conveying a message, idea, concept, or brand massively contributes to its success.

We've got you covered in logo design, illustrations, templates, merchandise, and more.
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